We build stronger communities.

    Communities and schools complement each other. Strong communities make stronger schools, and strong schools keep our communities strong.

    It takes a village to raise a child, and Creighton Community Foundation is in the business of investing in strong villagers.



    embracing schools as resources



    equipping with bridge builders



    building strong communities

    Creighton Community Foundation

    Est. 2013, serving Creighton communities, est. circa 1884.

    • Building strong neighborhoods, and adult supportive relationships with kids, through service, in service, and with service.
    • Supporting community engagement, interaction, development, around inner-city schools.
    • Supporting scalable, sustainable programs and initiatives that will enhance the quality of education and funding within the Creighton corridor.

    Interested in more details? Click below for a bit more about us.

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    • Community Works

      The one thing proven to create a difference in life outcomes for kids in need? One Adult Supportive Relationship - to protect, nurture, and inspire (University of Harvard, Working Paper #13, 2015).

      While we focus broadly on developing school capacity and providing access to new resources for our Title I schools, our primary work is Community Works. Community Works is all about Adult Supportive Relationships. Adult relationships that protect, inspire, and change lives.

      Read on below for more details on our work, our theory of change, and our key partners.

    • Service Learning - After School in Community Action!

      Service is great, but through after school service clubs and youth gatherings, we equip kids to focus on what makes them tick - people! With an eye toward their neighborhoods, after school LEAD'er clubs rapidly take on community vibrancy projects, and pull people back into relationships. Some years it might be transforming houses of neighbors in need, building a school-connected community garden, or tackling food scarcity (40,000 hot meals served, 250 tons of fresh produce distributed!). Equal parts service work, advocacy and systems change, our “LEAD”ers bring about community vibrancy.

    • School Support

      We wouldn’t be a school without teachers and staff, so not to be missed, we also pull together a wide range of school support to make schools stronger: partnerships with community organizations, 1-1 kid services, school supplies, field trips and junior ambassador program funding, school events, and teacher mini-grants. Want to support a teacher or a school? Contact us below!

    • Food and Nutrition Projects

      Sprung from initiatives launched by our youth, we recognize the influence of scarce food, poor nutrition patterns, and food access barriers in our community. Bringing resources to bear, we resource and distribute nutritious foods, serve food in communities in need, build nutrition capacity by connecting with culturally relevant culinary influences, foment relational connection around food and nutrition, and build programs to provide sustainable food resources that are neighborhood accessible. A key element? School-connected community garden initiatives that create places of interaction. Already in place in some schools, and developing through the resources of community partners, watch this space for more details as future initiatives come into place. Click on Learn More below to go to our program specific site - - to learn how you can make a difference in hunger in our communities.

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    Our Community
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    Creighton School District boundaries encompass approximately the 202 highway to the south, 16th street to the west, Indian School road to the north, and 40th street to the east, with an extension between 32nd and 40th streets all the way to just north of Lincoln drive. In our community? Get in touch, and ask how you can help support our schools.
    About Us

    Creighton Community Foundation was incorporated and recognized with 501c3 status as of March of 2013. We are a group of community leaders focused on equipping Creighton School District #14 in Phoenix, Arizona with the resources to deliver excellent educational services, in the most sustainable way possible, amidst our diverse urban Phoenix neighborhoods.

    This organization is an equal opportunity employer and provider!

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    Please contact us by phone, email, or text message for operations locations and hours - we operate from six community sites on different days of the week. Please do not send postal mail to any site except our mailing address!

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    3219 E Camelback Rd, #376
    Phoenix, Arizona 85018
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