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At the heart of Creighton Community's work, is transforming neighborhoods.

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At the heart of Community Works is a belief that children and schools live within a bigger ecosystem of families and neighborhoods. Turning out awesome kids takes children, schools, families, and neighborhoods working together. But our poorest communities often suffer from neighborhoods that lack an identity and often don't bring people together. Perhaps because of injustice, poorly planned development, or just consumer choice, many of our poorest neighborhoods suffer the most.

The consequence? There's nobody to catch kids when life circumstances put them in positions of vulnerability. And there's no community to instill within them the expectations and support that help kids thrive.

Building up our neighborhoods with an eye toward better child outcomes is the work of the Foundation. We believe it all starts with living in place, and connecting with the community through the work of a single person, a Community Worker.

The Community Worker

Community Workers have 4 tasks:

Developing a community's identity.
Developing community relationships - between schools, families, and neighbors.
Developing kids.
Building bridges between kids and their community.

Making Change

It all starts with minor changes. Today we work in two neighborhoods, supporting after school service clubs of approximately 60 middle school kids, and in-school instruction with almost 300. Creighton kids, and Community Works labor together to carry out change in our neighborhoods that make them better, more supportive places to live - places where kids anchor their identity, and find caring, supportive adults. Our activities include door-to-door conversations (over 500 to date), neighborhood actions (clean-ups, number painting, home improvements, street light audits), kid and community hot meal service, monthly food bank distributions, spring and summer camps, open campus events, and more.

The point of this work is to draw out community engagement around our neighborhood-centered schools, and creative a stronger web of supportive relationships. Children between 0 and 18 years of age will spend 91% of their time outside of school (*John Hopkins University, College of Education). There are many social lenses through which to view the importance of communities - from social determinants of health to developmental relationships - but in common across all is a recognition that communities nurture ideal long term outcomes for today's youth. Will you be part of our community?

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Our Community
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Creighton School District boundaries encompass approximately the 202 highway to the south, 16th street to the west, Indian School road to the north, and 40th street to the east, with an extension between 32nd and 40th streets all the way to just north of Lincoln drive. In our community? Get in touch, and ask how you can help support our schools.
About Us

Creighton Community Foundation was incorporated and recognized with 501c3 status as of March of 2013. We are a group of community leaders focused on equipping Creighton School District #14 in Phoenix, Arizona with the resources to deliver excellent educational services, in the most sustainable way possible, amidst our diverse urban Phoenix neighborhoods.

This organization is an equal opportunity employer and provider!

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