Thanks for being a supporter!

For your tax records, we are Creighton Community Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3, and our address of record with the IRS is:
3219 E Camelback Rd, #376
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Here are some important tid-bits for you:

If you have donated this year, and your are an Arizona resident with tax obligations (you pay taxes to the state of Arizona) then you may be eligible to claim your donation as an Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization tax credit, and the state will return up to $800 (married filing jointly) or $400 (single filers) to you. Please consider donating those dollars again! All it takes is filling out Arizona Form 321 on your tax return, and listing Creighton Community Foundation and our QCO ID, which is 20846.

Also, in 2020 and 2021, the Federal government made charitable giving deductions available for non-itemizing filers, which means just about everyone, in the amounts of $300 for single filers and $600 for joint filers. Please consider your ability to file for that dedication as well, and or consult your tax professional.

Creighton Community Foundation